• 2021 F/W NOHANT
    NOHANT | 2021-11-10

    2021 F/W

    요즘처럼 집밖의 공기가 귀하게 느껴진적이 있을까요?

    드높은 가을하늘과 농익은 낙엽길은 지갑을 잃어버린 사람처럼 자꾸 거리를 배회하게 만듭니다.

    이전엔 보이지 않았던 낙엽의 다채로운 컬러와 거리의 냄새까지도 말이죠.

    21FW에는 집과 사무실 주변의 산책로에서 영감받은 자연과 어우러지는 가벼운 룩들을 선보이고자 합니다.

    Has the air outside the house ever felt precious like these days? 

    The high autumn skies and overripe fallen leaves 

    make us wander the streets like a person who has lost one's wallet, 

    even the colorful fallen leaves and the smell of trails that is fresh for autumn. 

    In 2021 F/W, NOHANT presents light casual looks that fit with the nature

    I was inspired by trails around my place and office.

    by NOAH NAM


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