• 2022 S/S
    NOHANT | 2022-03-02

    S/S 2022

    2022 /여름 컬렉션노앙은 브랜드 아이덴티티이자 모토인 “브런치룩” 컨셉을 업그레이드합니다.

     시작은 “모닝루틴 브런치를 먹으러 나가는 노앙의 크루들을 상상일상적인 옷들에 스포티즘을 가미하며 모던 스포티룩을 전개합니다.

    바쁜 아침 차마 정리되지   옷매무새 등을 패브릭에 플리츠 공법을 사용하며 표현하고 노앙만의 모던한 프레피룩과 뉴트럴 컬러들을 베이스로

    시즌 컬러인 그린을 포인트로 사용하여 산뜻한 모닝루틴을 표현합니다.

    In Spring/Summer 2022 collection, NOHANT elevates the signature "brunch look" in order to secure its own presence. 

    Inspired by designer's imagination in which family and friend members of NOHANT goes out for brunch after their own morning routines, 

    S/S 22 collection embraces that simple everyday wear meets athletic comfortability. 

    The brand illustrates its effortless morning routine in NOHANT's signature modern preppy aesthetics by using neutral colors 

    and the seasonal main color green and utilizing pleat details in cotton, linen, and cashmere. 

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